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Setting Up Your Scenes
The Inner Workings of Great Films
by Richard D. Pepperman

Format: Paperback, 272 pages
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
Pub. Date: September 25, 2005
ISBN: 1932907084
Dimensions: 7.5 × 0.7 × 10.9 inches

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Every great filmmaker has role models and films which inspired him or her to greater and greater heights. Here, for the first time, is an awe-inspiring guide that takes you into the inner workings of classic scenes, revealing the aspects that make them great and the reasons they have served as inspirations.

An invaluable resource for screenwrter, cinematographer, actor, director, and editor. Pepperman's book uses examples from six decades of international films to illustrate what happens when story, character, dialogue, text, subtext and set-ups come together to create cinematic magic.

With more than 400 selected movie frames in a wide-screen format, this book can help you emulate the masters and achieve your dreams.

"Setting Up Your Scenes is both visually stunning and very useful for students of cinema. Its design, layout, and content make the book unique and irresistible."
    —Amresh Sinha, New York University/The School of Visual Arts

"Pepperman has written a book which should form the basis for an intelligent discussion about the basic building blocks of great scenes across a wide variety of films. Armed with the information in this book, teachers, students, filmmakers, and film lovers can begin to understand how good editing and scene construction can bring out the best storytelling to create a better film."
    —Norman Hollyn, Associate Professor and Editing Track Head, School of Cinema-Television at the University         of Southern California

"Pepperman dissects some very infamous scenes from some very famous movies—providing us with the most breathtaking black and white stills—in order to highlight the importance of the interplay between dialogue, subtext, and shot selection in great filmmaking. The beauty of this work is that while it will teach anyone who is willing to learn, it works equally well as a gorgeous coffee-table book for the unwilling amongst us."
       —Lily Sadri, Writer, Screenwriter (Fixing Fairchild), Contributor to

Product Details

Format: Paperback, 272 pages
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
Pub. Date: September 25, 2005
ISBN: 1932907084
Dimensions: 7.5 × 0.7 × 10.9 inches

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