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How to Sell Your Screenplay
A Realistic Guide to Getting a Television or Film Deal
by Lydia Wilen, Joan Wilen

Format: Paperback, 309 pages
Publisher: Square One Publishers
Pub. Date: July 2001
ISBN: 0757000029
Dimensions: 7.56 × 0.73 × 9.24 inches

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In today's tops-turvy world of movie-making, getting a screenplay sold and produced is no easy task. To play the competitive film game, you need to know the rules. How to Sell Your Screenplay not only lets you in on all the rules, but also lets you in on the secrets of winning the game.

Written by two professional screenwriters, How to Sell Your Screenplay was designed as a complete guide to getting your screenplay seen, read, and sold. The book begins by giving you an insider's understanding of how the business works. It then teaches you the components of a professional-looking screenplay, and shows you how to properly format your script to make the best first impression.

Later chapters introduce you to the industry players, including agents and managers, producers, lawyers, directors, and actors; guide you in preparing an effective query letter that really hooks its readers; and provide you with the Square One System—a proven submissions system for your work that maximizes your chance for success, while minimizing time, cost, and effort. You'll learn strategies for delivering that perfect pitch, and know what to expect before signing on the dotted line.

Throughout the book, words of advice from successful screenwriters, as well as invaluable interviews with agents, managers, and studio executives, will help you swim with the sharks without getting eaten by them.

Every screenwriter dreams of getting that lucky break. But the pros know that you need more than luck to succeed—you need to make all the right moves. How to Sell Your Screenplay tells you all you have to know to make your dream become a reality.

Product Details

Format: Paperback, 309 pages
Publisher: Square One Publishers
Pub. Date: July 2001
ISBN: 0757000029
Dimensions: 7.56 × 0.73 × 9.24 inches

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