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The Dialogue - An Interview with Screenwriter Ted Griffin
by The Dialogue Series

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Format: DVD, Letterbox, Dolby Digital 2.0
Running Time: 71 minutes

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"If you write a really compelling story, everyone will want to be involved. "
–Ted Griffin

There's no con more satisfying and lucrative than finding a way to make a living as a screenwriter. And Ted Griffin is a man who knows a good con. Anyone who tried to follow the clever criminal head games he built into his screenplays for Ocean's Eleven and Matchstick Men knows not to trust this guy. Except when he talks about screenwriting, which he does with great humor and insight in this enlightening interview that ranges from his early work on Ravenous and Best Laid Plans through the unexpected pitfalls of trying to direct his first film, Rumor Has It...

DVD Chapters
  1. Intro
  2. "Box Office Records in Bavaria"
  3. "The Whimsical Gangster Element"
  4. "It's All About Uzis and Armored Trucks"
  5. "A Crooked Movie About Crooked People"
  6. "Kill the Golden Goose"
  7. "Grab Ammo and Bring It to the Front Lines"
  8. "I'm Screwed"
  9. "I Knew He Was a Cocksucker"
  10. "Torpedoes in the Water"
  11. "Feel Free Enough to Write Badly"
  12. "My Second First Film"
Volume 2, No. 2

Product Details

Format: DVD, Letterbox, Dolby Digital 2.0
Running Time: 71 minutes

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