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Acco Solid Brass Fasteners #4
1 in., Box of 100
by Acco Brands, Inc.

Size: #4, 1 in.
Fits: Screenplays up to 70 pages
Quantity: 100 fasteners per box

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The preferred brand for professional screenwriters, script readers and movie studios. This is the only fastener and brand you should use to bind your screenplay together. Made of solid brass—unlike the flimsy brass-plated steel alternatives—Acco makes the sturdiest fasteners available. You can be sure your screenplay will look professional, won't fall apart, and the fasteners won't bend and poke the reader's fingers.

With 100 fasteners per box, you'll have enough for 50 screenplays (remember, you should only put a fastener in the first and third holes leaving the middle hole empty).

Size #4, 1 in., perfect for screenplays up to 70 pages.

Product Details

Size: #4, 1 in.
Fits: Screenplays up to 70 pages
Quantity: 100 fasteners per box

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